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welcome to the metamorphosing metropolis! contemporary beijing is a city of naked juxtapositions; hutongs and peking duck are, for now, being joined by glistering starchitectural edifices and michelin stars. you’ll still see revolutionary flags, but now they’re silkscreened onto the t-shirt of a kid doing pop shuvits outside the temple of heaven. china’s capital city is unapologetically chinese, sticking up its nose at southern shanghai. big, brash and crowded, beijing is still unsure of where she’s headed, but look closely and you’ll see the new china seeping through the cracks in the concrete.

march 2013 edition

uploaded march 01 2013
next update to be advised... 

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+ food, bars, clubs, travel planning and useful information
+ coffee pitstops, lunch, dinner, and after dinner suggestions
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+ includes hyperlinks to external urls

beijing areas

xiushui | cbd      
xidan | jinrongjie 
gulou | nanluoguxiang


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