yokohama: rhc ron herman store opening

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if you're planning a shopping spree in tokyo, you'll likely focus on areas like harajuku and shibuya. and although it's true that most coveted stores are located in the city's better known shopping districts, there are plenty of other places where you'll be able to immerse yourself in a-grade retail. one of such places is yokohama, located smack on tokyo bay and japan's second largest city. the two cities have actually grown together with efficiently intertwined public transportation networks, making the commute feel like a visit to the suburbs. the cool suburbs, we should add. yokohama is home to plenty of hot brands, and there's one area in particular where they've set up shop. mark is is a new mall that has given the waterfront area of minato mirai 21 a new boost with an appealing selection of merchandise. the ron herman brand hails from california and first opened up shop in japan a few years ago.

not surprisingly, its preppy-style offerings proved to be an instant hit. very recently the brand has expanded with a new lifestyle concept store at the new mark is mall on yokohama's waterfront. flaunting the american spirit, its conceptualized after the traditional general store that supplied communities and neighbourhoods across the u.s. with all basic necessities. located on the ground floor of the mall, the rhc ron herman store is divided into various special sections that stock items from its rhc ron herman collection, a wide range of men's and women's apparel, shoes, accessories and lifestyle goods that very much represent the laid-back lifestyle of sunny california. and yes, surfboards are included! the appealing retail mix also features cozy seating areas where to catch your breath for the next shopping session or indulge in a tasty snack. location: mark is mall, 3-5-1 minato mirai, ground floor [minato mirai 21].

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