yamaguchi city [jp]: desire of codes

if you're into hi-tech as much as we are and you're cavorting around southern japan, don't miss out on this cool and intriguing exhibition at the ycam [on until jun 6]. it's called desire of codes and focuses on the work of seiko mikami, a japanese artist who's creations reflect the gradually transforming relationship between information technology and sensory perception in artworks. the exhibition's theme is the state of a society in which programming languages, genetic codes, personal information, and even matters of individual interest and taste are being converted into codes. the desire of codes show is built around a new installation and also displays two related new works. the centre piece consists of three different pieces. one consists of a wall installation of objects responding to the movements of visitors, there's a laser projector equipped with 6 robot arms that follow the audience's every movement, and a big screen is installed that resembles an insect's multi-faceted eye. cool, huh? location: 7-7 nakazono-cho [downtown]. © yamaguchi center for arts and media