venice: aman canal grande venice hotel opening

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the splendour of venice is hard to take in, no matter how many times we've set foot in this labyrinthine city. the cultural legacy of its former maritime power is enormous, and each alleyway, bridge and square is so rich in detail and dripped in history, it doesn't matter how often, or when, you decide to visit. now there's another reason to go there, and it's called aman canal grande venice. the latest addition to amanresorts' global portfolio of exquisite hideaways, it's located in palazzo papadopoli, a grand 16th-century building directly on the scenic canal grande and with a rich history of its own.

the palazzo comproses of two five-storey adjoining buildings and features just 24 suites. the property is named after brothers nicolò and angelo papadopoli aldobrandini who bought it at the beginning of the 19th-century and had the internal decoration of the piano nobile to michelangelo guggenheim, an arts expert and exponent of the neo-renaissance and rococo styles. the brothers also bought two adjacent buildings and demolished them to build two gardens. venice is built on water and as such guests arrive by boat. when entering the reception hall of the aman canal grande venice, they're met by its soaring ceilings with impressive frescos and reliefs.

a sweeping staircase leads through two levels to arrive at piano nobile's dining room. it has three distinctive rooms and serves Italian and asian cuisines. one floor up several lavish rooms are situated where guests can relax and enjoy light refreshments, and again with plenty of sweeping views. these spaces can only be accessed by guests and are ideal for pivate dining events. an elevator provides access to the intimate roof terrace. consisting of dining and lounge areas, the main room has large glass windows which overlook the canal grande, while the yellow and red dining rooms overlook the buzzing waterway and the resort’s garden terrace respectively.

additionally, there's a bar with canal views. fronting the grand canal is the garden terrace, one of very few private gardens on the canal. during the warmer summer months, guests can dine al fresco in the garden. there's also a second hidden private garden with soaring trees. needless to say that given the building's history, the rooms have a unique layout and design. many feature protected frescos and reliefs that reflect past periods of art and architecture, but interestingly, furnishings are contemporary. most suites provide combined living areas and bedrooms, as well as linked dressing areas and bathrooms.

living up to modern standards, each offers a king-size bed, an armoire enclosing a personal bar, a writing desk, a sofa or twin lounge chairs, and a tv and docking station. there are a total of four suite categories, differentiated by architectural details, size and view. these include palazzo bedrooms with views of the private garden, the palazzo chambers - most with views of the canal grande, the palazzo stanzas with elevated views of the canal grande, and for those who like to splurge there are five exceptional signature suites. and it the overwhelming charm of venice takes its toll, no worries. the resort’s spa treatment rooms are located on the third level and readily available.

dimly lit with low ceilings, the area exudes the atmosphere of a sanctuary, and provides three single rooms, each with a dressing area and bathroom. one of the rooms has a soaking tub that can be used in conjunction with body scrubs. additionally, there's  a small gym, offering aerobic and strength-conditioning equipment and an area for free weights and stretching. location: palazzo papadopoli, calle tiepolo 1364 [san polo].

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