vancouver: bestie restaurant opening

© scott & scott architects - chinatown's new gem adds a teutonic flavour

simple food is always best, and when it's presented in a cool setting like bestie, it has us in the pocket. clint mcdougall and dane brown, two friends with a background in design and art, launched the sausage and beer parlour in vancouver's chinatown a little while ago, after a year of meticulous planning. local architecture practice scott & scott was asked to design the 70 sqm. [753 sq.ft.] space around their desire to build the 25-seat restaurant all by themselves. clean and functional, and using common materials which can be worked with a few simple tools, bestie is highly aesthetic with a quirky edge.

it's further dotted by designs by fellow vancouver designers, such as zoe garred’s porcelain lights and wooden bar stools by joji fukushima. the main wall is covered in planks and no less than 116 holes and wooden pegs that'll support an rotating composition of locally produced design and art objects; coats and umbrellas, additional stools and pendant lights. bestie doesn't have a fixed configuration and the tables and benches with coloured vinyl covers can easily be moved around to allow a variety of events. this flexibility extends into the kitchen which is fitted where an adjustable hanging system stores glassware, mugs and tools.

bestie's menu is inspired by german street food, and revolves around locally made, natural currywurst and sausages - mind you, there's even a veggie one - paired with sauerkraut, fries and other extras. food like this is bext paried with beer, and you can choose from local draft beer or bottled ones coming from die heimat. but no worries, kombucha tea, organic choclate milk and other non-alcoholic beverages are served too. location: 105 east pender street [chinatown].

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