vancouver: aaron moran

© aaron moran - malay - reclaimed wood, acrylic, house paint, textured spray paint, varnish [2013]

canadian artist aaron moran has a thing for geometry. he is a graduate of the emily carr university of art + design, and crafts mathematically-infused sculptures that pair the forward-thinking of shapes and space with the earthliness of nature by way of their materials: reclaimed wood. evoking early modern art with the colours and patterns, he paints onto his wooden sculptures. opening tonight [9pm-12pm] at vancouver's el kartel store is an exhibition of works from his new kite contest / 1991 sculpture series that explores themes of development, antiquity, and the myth of progress. it attempts to excavate the history of locations through the use of found materials while drawing attention to the inherent aftermath of growth in both urban and 'sub'urban environments [on through sep 28]. location: 1007 granville street [yaletown].

© aaron moran - picnic (mango) - reclaimed wood, acrylic, house paint, textured spray paint, varnish [2013]