u.s.a.: sexi08

superhot! self edge's next high quality collab product is the sexi08, an 18.5cm slim-cut jeans made of 15oz unsanforized denim. the jeans come in both indigo and black and are produced in ibara city, japan where usually imperial jeans are made. the sexi08 has a high-intensity fade and ages well over time due to the lack of processing the denim after the weaving process. the leather tag and silkscreened pocket bag art are an homage to the australian, japanese and american connection. small rear pockets embroidered with dark indigo thread, chain-stitched hems, a custom leather tag, and a silkscreened inner pocket bag round out the features on this custom collaboration between self edge and imperial jeans. the sexi08 will be released at the self edge flagship stores in new york and san francisco on sat - sep 5 [noon / local time] and online [2pm pst]. new york location: 157 orchard street [lower east]. san francisco location: 714 valencia street [mission north]. © self edge