u.s.a.: pleasure to the people

tired of fiddling with hefty rubber prongs, spiky rabbit heads, pearl grinding beads and ergonomically challenged plastic knobs? maybe not, but check out the latest sleek masturbatory masterpiece by san francisco-based jimmyjane anyway. where form and function are concerned, these guys seriously win the prize. their latest vibrating virtuoso, form 3, is part of the 'pleasure to the people' series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators created by yves béhar and ethan imboden. made of medical grade silicone, at first glance form 3 almost looks like anything else you'd keep on your knoll side table. on closer inspection however, it turns out to be quite the functional ball of bedtime fun. according to our team of super self-pleasers, form 3 does an especially good job at being well-designed, slim, fitting snug in the hand and flexing to meet the contours of the nether regions quite nicely. it also has a pliable tip to ensure you hit the nail right on head and a variety of pulsing vibe patterns to really get the ball rolling. form 3 comes with a small recharging platform, which by all accounts, keeps it going for much longer than you'd expect. hmmm, the longer the better we can only guess. created with a design-conscious climax in mind, jimmyjane's form 3 could quite possibly bring auto erotica out of the bottom drawer and onto the eames coffee table. form 3 is available at babeland stores nationwide. © jimmyjane