u.s.a.: made here

© levi's / photography: phillip angert - the levi's concept store in boston last week levi's launched a special showcase of made here, its newest product range, at the levi's concept store in boston. set amidst the store's fine collection of limited-edition products and historic replicas of the levi's vintage clothing collection, the made here collection is made up of hand-made goods, crafts and apparel, developed in the u.s. by emerging artists. these include both levi's and non-levi’s products and will reference the skills and techniques inherent to the process of constructing a pair of levi's jeans. the first edition of made here items includes nautically-inspired necklace designs by tim whitten, bags by kyle ng and belts by austin jeffers. the made here collection is available at select stores only: the levi's concept store here in boston [1] and at the ones in los angeles [2] and new york [3]. location [1]: 131 newbury street [downtown]. location [2]: 3862 cross creek road [malibu]. location [3]: 414 west 14th street [west village].
© levi's / photography: phillip angert - fine goods by levi's made here