u.s.a.: grey goose punch series

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if you ask us, there are three key things that make a good party: good friends, good food, and last but certainly not least good drinks. and to get that party started, thereʼs no better drink for a get together than a big bowl of punch, preferably with a dash of grey goose vodka. the premium vodka brand has just spent the last month traveling around los angeles, chicago, the hamptons and miami to share its new, exclusive-until-now recipes for their latest grey goose punch series. the lucky invitees had a good time, and now theyʼre showing you how itʼs done with four new films, featuring celebrated chef jon shook, mixologist revae schneider, top american polo player nic roldan, farm-to-table chef john wayne fornica and dj a-trak. kicking off in sunny l.a., view the video below to check out master shook prepping for the dinner party, and hear why sharing great food and drinks is so important to the good life in california. the chicago, hamptons and miami films are coming up shortly, why not do make yourself some punch in the meantime? all pointers can be found in the video...cheers!