toronto: want passport store opening

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want les essentiels de la vie not only crafts a beautiful range of travel necessities, the company also has a clear lifestyle vision and demonstrates this through tantalizing retail projects. after last year's launch of want apothecary, it has set up another clever shop in toronto, this time at billy bishop toronto city airport. it's an efficient regional air hub with connections to a number of destinations in canada and the united states, and the preferred airport for business travellers. the store was created is another collab with interior designer maria rosa di iola of montreal-based practice idée design and stocks an edited range of stylish offerings by various designers from across the planet for today's traveller. in fact, it's the shop’s noble mission to enhance the travel experience through a novel and refined environment that encourages design, architecture, sustainability and technology. what's on the shelves? the offerings include aesop cosmetics, fancy cameras by leica, and of course want les essentiels de la vie's very own range of bags. want passport consists of three units: one shop in the arrivals area and two kiosks in the departure lounges. location: terminal building, 2 eirann quay [downtown].

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