toronto: the cocktail parlour opening

© storys building - street view of the building

toronto's financial district has been on the move for quit some time, blending in contemporary cool establishments in a setting that has traditionally been all about business. this urban transformation is now slowly spreading to adjacent neighbourhoods where cool new hospitality venues have started to pop up. located in queen street west, the storys building is a classic brick and beam structure with a history that dates back to 1843. offering a stylish setting and great facilities spread over four expansive floors, it has already become the venue of choice for some of the most exclusive film premiere parties during previous editions of the toronto international film festival. the interior of the storys building blends its original heritage with elements of modern design, and the cocktail parlour - its newest facility - proves exactly that.

with a ceiling adorned by exposed beams and bare bricks walls, the space still very much has a utilitarian, but it's paired with various design interventions to soften the rough edges. a row of back-lit mesh metal cabinets runs along the length of the bar, providing the place with an eye-catching focal point. the numerous light fixtures can be best described as glass bowls on sticks, and create a canopy of sorts that playfully hovers over seating areas with comfy leather-clad sofas and chairs. black wooden panels with intricate rectangular cut-outs obscure and simultaneously decorate an entire row of windows, and create a more intimate atmosphere. the cocktail parlour surely lives up to its name and serves no less than 66 funky concoctions, but it also offers a fusion menu with wide variety of gourmet bites, snacks and desserts. opening up coming fall at the storys building is the tavern, a 90-seat seafood restaurant. location: 11 duncan street [queen street west].

© storys building - the well-stocked bar and seating area [top to bottom]