toronto: blue button shop opening

© blue button shop - brimming with made-in-japan goods

with contemporary japanese fashion brands being so popular outside the land of the rising sun, it's often mindboggling why there isn't much to be found in brick and mortar shops anywhere. but the tide seems to have changed, at least in toronto, where very recently blue button shop opened its doors. a retail concept that's well ahead of the curve, it predominantly carries a sharp selection of around 30 japanese brands, in addition to a handful of exclusive labels from across the planet. owner brian cheuk conceptualized blue botton shop as a unisex boutique that caters to a savvy 30-something type of shopper, and the merchandise has been selected accordingly.

the store features a modern, slightly eclectic interior which combines pristine white walls with wooden flooring, and vintage furnishings are paired with clothing racks made from plumbing pipes. the merchandise at blue button shop is high on quality and sophisticated, and includes men's and women's apparel, including japanese denim, in addition to bags, accessories and cosmetics. do we hear you say brands? there's a selection of denim by momotaro jeans, apparel by haversack and rulezpeeps, quirky decho hats and very nice collection of bags by southern field industries. indeed, some of these are exclusive to the store and can't be found anywhere else in north america. happy shopping! location: 1499 dundas street west [little portugal].

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