tokyo: visible edge

currently on at yuka tsuruno gallery in tokyo is a solo exhibition by japanese artist manika nagare. hailing from osaka, nagare graduated from joshibi university of art + design, and has developed into an artist with a meticulous interest in people's behavioral patterns that make up and define a large part of modern urban society. entitled visible edge, this new show however shifts towards landscapes. these untrodden grounds have been explored by nagare with a similar meticulous approach, observing the natural environment that she encountered over the course of several visits to the tohoku region in northern japan last year. the title of this exhibition refers to the colors, lines, and contours found within transient, fleeting natural scenery that create not just an impression of beauty, but also feelings of awe and anxiety, seen through the artist’s own perspective. on display are ten large canvases that have captured nagare's landscape observations [on through feb 23]. location: 1-30-9 sekiguchi [bunkyo-ku].

© manika nagare - visibility [2012] - oil on canvas