tokyo: vandalism

© nick walker – mona simpson

hailing from bristol, artist nick walker [1969] is part of the stencil graffiti movement that artist and musician robert del naja a.k.a. 3d started in the 1980s, and which has also been a major influence on the elusive banksy. following his first showcase at department store shibuya parco in tokyo two years ago, walker returns to the venue for a solo exhibition before it closes for a lengthy renovation that'll kick off later this month, and it's said to be his biggest ever held in the land of the rising sun. the show is entitled vandalism, and presents works from his vandalism series, in addition to a body of new work. and interestingly, all items can be snapped up. to commemorate the exhibition, a limited edition t-shirt has been released in collab with japanese fashion brand sophnet. [on through aug 7]. location: shibuya parco, part 3, udagawa-cho 15-1, fifth floor [shibuya].

© nick walker – multiple mona