tokyo: tokyo sampling

photo: collector junichi matsuzaki and one of his many boombox trophies

pass the baton is an innovative store concept which carries recycled goods, ranging from clothes and accessories, to furniture, artwork and antiques. interestingly, its two hugely popular stores in tokyo also feature a section of goods once owned by japanese celebs. and these aren't scruffy retail spaces, no, sir! they boast a snazzy modern interior by sought-after architecture practice wonderwall. pass the baton regularly stages events related to recycling and the environment, and mostly from a lifestyle perspective. opening on sun - may 15 at the pass the baton store at omotesando hills is an artsy showcase inspired by junichi matsuzaki, a well-known collector of consumer electronics in the land of the rising sun. called tokyo sampling, the show aims to raise awareness how easily electronics are discarded, and presents a collection of artfully repurposed cassette tapes. the original soundtracks have been erased and replaced by new analog sound recordings, all accompanied by hand-drawn info cards. additionally, a select number of 1970s and 1980s boomboxes will be sold at the store. location: omotesando hills, 4-12-10 jingumae [harajuku].

photo: kids cassette recorder from matsuzaki-san's collection