tokyo: tokyo art meeting III - art + music - search for new synesthesia

© ryoji ikeda, data.matrix [n°1-10], 2006-09 [2009], ryoji ikeda, photo: ryuichi maru, courtesy of gallery koyanagi tokyo

the tokyo culture creation project is an initiative launched in 2008 by the tokyo metropolitan government that aims to establish this sprawling city as a global cultural and creative hub. a little odd, because we think it already is! but anyway. one of its activities is tokyo art meeting, a series of themed showcases at the museum of contemporary art tokyo and in support this objective. currently on is the third edition, dubbed art + music - search for new synesthesia, which is very much inspired by the close relationship between music and the visual arts since the beginning of the 20th century. these days the development of digital technology has made it possible to break an image down into pixels that can be processed as symbols or numerical values and sound can be composed visually on a computer. art and music have become completely intertwined and today's artists are able to manipulate video, images and sound by the click of a button. they possess a closely-knit, composite sense that can be described as a ‘new synesthesia,’ allowing them to create more diverse expressions than ever before. renowned musician and composer ryuichi sakamoto was invited as an advisor to this show, but also has collaborated with sound designer seigen ono on two cool new installations. additionally, tokyo art meeting III features a range of works numerous diverse works by relevant contemporary artists from across the planet, including florian hecker, ryoji ikeda, vassiliy kandinskiy, toru takemitsu and stephen vitiello [on through feb 3]. location: 4-1-1 miyoshi [koto-ku].

© ryuichi sakamoto + shiro takatani, life - fluid, invisible, inaudible... [2007], commissioned by yamaguchi center for arts and media, photo: ryuichi maruo, courtesy of yamaguchi center for arts and media