tokyo: the wardrobe and the mattress

© nacása & partners Inc. / courtesy of fondation d’entreprise hermès

maison hermès in ginza is a multipurpose destination. of course, there's the lure of the luxury brand's wide range of meticulously crafted products. the stunning modernist architecture by renzo piano - mind you, this combined flagship and japanese headquarters set a trend for luxury brands to open brand-defining emporiums in tokyo - also has a strong appeal. last bit certainly not least there's also the store's gallery space on the eighth floor which creates a buzz all its own with rather stunning shows. currently on is the wardrobe and the mattress, a collab exhibition by two chileans, architect smiljan radic and sculptor marcela correa. the two creatives made an installation that literally comprises of a wardrobe and a mattress, two pieces of furniture made to symbolically express realms inhabited by memory. our possessions, our past and our memories are all stashed away in wardrobes.

within that space, barely separated by a single door, are clothes arranged on hangers, which harbour memories as a part of the person’s body. the mattress pliantly absorbs the array of movements of a person’s body as it lies on the mattress, and lures the sleeping person into the netherworld of dreams. radic and correa's installation plays with dimensions and form, featuring a supersized wardrobe that protects us from the outside world. a mattress sculpture appears as if it were entirely shaped out of the memories excavated from our minds. the beguiling combination aims to suggest otherness and to recall memories buried deep within everyday existence. the chilean duo have transformed these two pieces of furniture, to reflect that very notion [on through nov 30]. location: maison hermès, 5-4-19 ginza, eighth floor [ginza].

© nacása & partners inc. / courtesy of fondation d’entreprise hermès