tokyo: shiro kuramata and ettore sottsass

opening today at tokyo's 21_21 design sight is an exhibition dedicated to shiro kuramata [1934-1991] and ettore sottsass [1917-2007], two acclaimed designers who came into contact with each other through the latter's highly influential memphis project in the early 1980s. together they explored the possibilities of creation, defying functionalism and instead focusing on design that evokes joy and a sense of surprise. the shiro kuramata and ettore sottsass show features 65 pieces of transparent and precious works created by kuramata after 1980, and 20 kachina art pieces based on drawings that sottsass made in his final years [on through may 8]. location: 9-7-6 akasaka [roppongi]. photo: shiro kuramata taking a stroll with ettore sottsass