tokyo: sex booze weed speed

opening fri - dec 17 at rat hole gallery is sex booze weed speed, a collab exhibition by artists oscar tuazon and gardar eide einarsson. the first creates large-scale sculptures and installations that investigate the physical space and reference elements of minimalist sensibilities, d.i.y. aesthetics, and formal architectural practices while the latter has made a name for himself with minimalist black + white paintings, photographs and sculptures, that address themes of authority, order, disorder, crime, and other references of a 'control society'. for this show the two created a site-specific installation conceived specially for the gallery. the gallery also releases an eponymous book, featuring photographs that the artists made together. don't miss! location: 5-5-3-b1 minami-aoyama [aoyama]. © oscar tuazon + gardar eide einarsson - young patriots [2009] - silkscreen poster