tokyo: rlt lodge opening

© rlt guild - yes, you've found your newest treasure trove

when shopping in tokyo for trophy items it's well worth to wander off usual boutique-infested shopping grounds like harajuku and shibuya, and head for edgier areas that are less known to the hordes of foreign shopaholics. one of them is kichijoji, a buzzing neighbourhood located only a 15-minute train ride away from shinjuku station in central tokyo. already a fav shopping destination of fashionistas from across tokyo, kichijoji is a growing treasure trove of independent shops, galleries and bookstores. and it's right here where designer + artist muneaki kuyama a.k.a. donald has established his quirky design brand rlt guild. short for royal lazy type, the name very much captures kuyama's full-on bohemian sense of style and over the years he has gained a sizeable fanbase. originally an editor for contemporary japanese men's magazine free & easy, he later shifted his focus towards clothing and jewellery design. the rtl guild product range consists of apparel, accessories and jewellery and marked by wildly eclectic aesthetics. muneaki is known to use elements of deconstructed jewellery, antiques and even machinery for his designs. and very recently he launched rlt lodge, his very own store + workshop, housed in a cozy, small wooden structure. jammed with an abundance of exotic paraphernalia and various appliances, it forms the perfect backdrop for his highly sought-after evocative pieces. make sure to drop by when in the area, even if it's only for a chat and coffee! location: 4-1-6 kichijoji-honcho [kichijoji].

© rlt guild - inside the rlt lodge, muneaki kuyama's cool designs [top to bottom]