tokyo: reality & fantasy

© diesel - photography: kenichi mui - exhibition setting

diesel art gallery in tokyo currently hosts reality & fantasy, the first collab exhibition of sarah illenberger and miho kinomura. based in berlin, illenberger studied graphic design at london's central saint martins, and launched jewellery label sarah & patrick design in 2001. since 2003, she has worked as freelance illustrator, art director and set designer for various prestigious clients. miho kinomura is a curator and film director of this exhibition. based in los angeles, she has produced many high fashion advertising campaigns around the planet, and currently is creative director and film director at studio d.o.g. inc. the exhibition at diesel art gallery showcases the vivid and often humorous works of illenberger, using simple materials and household items such as fruits, food, plants, metal, textiles, paper, wood, and a collaboration movie that kinomura has filmed in berlin [on through aug 16]. location: cocoti building, 1-23-16-1bf shibuya [shibuya].

© diesel - photography: kenichi mui - artwork by sarah illenberger