tokyo: punk+

© agnès b. japan / photography: sheila rock - john lydon in red coat [1979]

french fashion designer agnès b. has always had a thing for street culture. this specific susceptibility is not only reflected in her collections, but has also made her a well-known protagonist of artists related to the genre. it's no wonder the designer has taken a liking to punk+, a new book by american photographer sheila rock. born in the states, rock relocated to london in 1970 and when she landed a job at legendary cult magazine the face her career took off. through connections and of course the fact that rock was based at the global epicentre of the punk movement, she befriended and shot many of its music icons such as the clash, siouxsie & the banshees and the damned. after previous launch showcases in london and paris, a sale exhibition of photographs from the punk+ book opens wed - mar 12 at the agnès b. boutique in aoyama. to celebrate the launch of the book in japan and the exhibition, a special punk+ night is held at the store the very next day [guest list closed], featuring a talk session with sheila rock, a gig by musician and punk connoisseur ken yokoyama, and last but not least, a fashion show of agnès b.'s s/s 2014 collection. location: agnès b., minami aoyama 5-7-25 [aoyama].

© agnès b. japan / photography: sheila rock - the clash sniffing glue [1976]