tokyo: portraits

© beams - exhibition setting

kenji hirasawa is a japanese photographer who moved to london in 2006 after graduating from keio university's department of environmental information. through photography hirasawa continues his day-to-day exploration of grand themes such as life, love, and humanity, and he has built a tradition shooting portraits with a thermographic camera. the artist currently has a sale exhibition at b gallery -  his very first show in his native japan - of portraits that have been made by using the aforementioned technique. for this exhibition hirasawa will be offering for sale a selection of prints from this series. additionally, in conjunction with this exhibition, a special t-shirt from beams t has been released [on through jun 13]. location: beams, 3-32-6 shinjuku, 6th floor [shinjuku].

© kenji hirasawa - deep lee [london, 2010] and jaemin ha [seoul, 2008]