tokyo: on asphalt

jompet kuswidananto is an indonesian artist based in yogyakarta. although having studied sociology and political science, kuswidananto chose an artistic career and engaged in stints as a musician and performer in a modern dance company. at a later stage the artist further diversified his activies and also worked on films and installations, and participated in prestigious art showcases abroad. kuswidananto's home country is a vast nation of 230 million inhabitants of different ethnic backgrounds and with a history that also includes 350 years of colonization and several revolutions, and his works are heavily influenced by his indonesia’s highly varied population and rocky past. kuswidananto’s interests focus on the interplay between different cultures and contexts, and whether new relationships are built therein. his view raises the issue of future modalities as a common issue among people all over the planet, embroiled as we currently are in globalism. jompet kuswidananto's solo exhibition on asphalt opens at nanzuka gallery on sat - nov 24 [6pm-8pm], and features a new installation inspired by the musical culture cultivated by the jalur pantai utara, a 1,430 kilometre military road built by the dutch in 1808 along the northern coast of java. the people living along this road produced a very special musical genre. the installation incorporates all these elements and aims to reflect indonesia's rather complex modern culture of sounds, moving images, and poems. location: shibuya ibis building, 2-17-3-b1 shibuya [shibuya].

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