tokyo: no one can save us

© clear edition & gallery / mojoko + eric foenander - melting superman

steve lawler a.k.a. mojoko and eric foenander are two singapore-based artists who have been making waves in the local arts scene with an artistic approach that blends various cultural and techno aspects of western countries and those in the far east, and very much reflects the current vibe in tiny island state's contemporary arts scene. the five-metre tall and melting super hero statue, erected in front of the singapore art museum is emblematic for this mix of humor, irony and paradoxes. opening on thu - may 10 [7pm-9pm] at clear edition & gallery is no one can save us, a show features the duo's melting super hero series, limited edition prints, graphic and print works, in addition to publication a showcase of their kult art publication. location: kishida building, 7-18-8 roppongi, second floor [roppongi].

© clear edition & gallery / mojoko + eric foenander - electric chair