tokyo: nepenthes store renewal

© nepenthes - a preferred menswear destination

ever since the nepenthes store opened in shibuya over a decade ago, it's been a mecca for savvy males in search of contemporary style. and we're not only talking brand-savvy but also in terms of navigation, as it's tucked away on the second floor of a non-descript building, and as such it's not your accidental-walk-by kind of store. no, it's been the preferred shopping destination for a select crowd of in-the-know shoppers. the store recently reopened after a thorough renovation that not only resulted in a clean fresh look that hints northern european architecture with latticework and stained glass, but also sees a dramatic increase of space for the store's footwear section. nepenthes continues to carry highly coveted brands like engineered garments, needles and south2 west8, but to celebrate the launch it has stocked an extensive collection of hand-made boots from various brands across the planet. location: estate shibuya building, 1-17-4 shibuya, 2nd floor [shibuya].

© nepenthes - packed to the guilds with style