tokyo: moleskine atelier opening

© qahwa - japan's first moleskine atelier opens at loft yurakucho

moleskine products are hugely popular and had been available in japan for quite some time. but the renowned notebook brand has raised its profile by launching the moleskine atelier inside loft department store's yurakucho branch, a perfect match if you ask us. measuring approx. 40 sqm. [approx. 431 sq.ft.], the store not only stocks moleskine's full range of classic notebooks, but also its ever-changing travel collection. additionally, the moleskine atelier will be hosting a series of workshops and special events to engage with its following in the japanese capital. the store is flanked by new store sections of chronicle books and pijama. location: loft yurakucho, 3-8-3 marunouchi, first floor [marunouchi].

© qahwa - the moleskine atelier and its offerings, the new shop besieged on opening day [top to bottom].