tokyo: marni edition store at dover street market ginza

© marni - the marni edition store at dover street market ginza

the recently opened dover street market in tokyo's ginza district arguably is the planet's hottest store du jour, and brands are lining up to be part of this exceptional retail formula. obviously, only a select few make the cut and marni is one of them. the italian brand has been given a designated area on the fifth floor where its has set up a so-called marni edition store, featuring modular, stackable steel elements that allow endless configurations. as a backdrop perforated metal panels have been decorated with exclusive graphics and these decorations can also be seen on the wall. natural fibreglass mannequins float in the space at different heights for additional visual drama. marni's showcase carries a range of exclusive items especially created for dover street market's new flagship in the japanese capital. location: 6-9-5 ginza, fifth floor [ginza]

© marni - special goodies by marni