tokyo: marc jacobs flagship store opening

© marc jacobs - the tokyo flagship's starchitectural façade

today marc jacobs' new flagship opened its doors in the city's upmarket aoyama area, arguably the most anticipated store launch of the year. new york-based architect stephen jaklitsch has designed many of the brand's shop interiors across the planet in the past but this time he crafted an entire building. an award-winning building we should say, as it won the american institute of architects' prestigious aia new york award of excellence earlier this year. the store measures 2,800 sq.ft. spread over three floors, each enveloped by a contrasting material that aims to provoke a different vibe on every floor while also contributing to a highly intriguing façade. the ground floor boasts transparent glass, the first floor is almost entirely covered by black blade-shaped porcelain tiles, and the top floor has a beautifully contrasting layer of perforated aluminum panels and led-illuminated tensile fabric. the new marc jacobs flagship features the entire apparel, bag, accessories, shoes and eyewear collections for men and women. and in the tradition of tokyo store openings by high-profile brands, there'll be a cool after party tonight at hipster locale le baron. store location: 5-3-27 minami-aoyama [aoyama].

© marc jacobs - inside the marc jacobs flagship store