tokyo: make drama

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quite the retail phenomenon in a city that's obsessed with the latest fashion and new trends, pass the baton is a contemporary secondhand shop that innovatively teaches jaded tokyoites a thing or two about the added value of recycling, living less consumptively and not cut short on sharp style. next to carrying a carefully sourced range of vintage apparel, accessories, homewares and other coveted knick-knacks, its two stores regularly host workshops, lectures and exhibitions. opening sun - feb 9 at the pass the baton store in harajuku is make drama, a new exhibition by third hands, a creative collective formed by students of japan's hikuno mizuno college of jewellery. for this showcase they've taken to a wide variety of used sporting goods and inventively created a new collection of jewellery, shoes and other consumer articles [on through feb 24]. location: omotesando hills, 4-12-10-b2 jingumae [harajuku].

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