tokyo: mackintosh flagship store opening

© mackintosh - classic never looked so good

the japanese have always had a soft spot for british fashion and the often appealing lifestyles attached to it, be it avant-garde, cult or downright classic. in the latter category falls mackintosh, originally a manufacturer of raincoats, and established in 1823 by chemist charles macintosh. the scotsman brilliantly invented a method for making waterproof garments. his raincoats have withstood the volatile whims of global fashion and remain popular to this very day, especially on home turf and, yes indeed, in japan. but heritage style has also been making a huge comeback in fashion circles across the planet, and today's mackintosh aims to bank on this popularity.

after opening its first flagship store in london last year, the brand throws an opening party today for its newest retail statement in tokyo's hyperfashionable aoyama area. designed by the sough-after wonderwall design practice in a matching demure classic style with subtle ornamentation, the store occupies three floors of a modern concrete structure. while this retail space showcases the mackintosh men's and women's collections along with a range of special products that will exclusively be available here, an adjacent retail space is entirely dedicated to the brand's traditional weatherwear and stormseal lines. location: 5-3-20 minami aoyama [aoyama].

© mackintosh - pinch me, is this tokyo?