tokyo: m/m (paris) sugoroku de l'oie

© m/m (paris) - points on a line [2011] - design for a film by sarah morris

even if the name m/m (paris) doesn't ring a bell, it's very likely you're familiar with their work. for the past 20 years this paris-based creative agency, led by the multi-tasking superwizards mathias augustyniak and michael amzalag, has made an indellible mark on fashion, art, music and areas beyond, with an impressive array of work. well-connected to leading inviduals, brands and companies in the global creative scene, m/m (paris) is continuously on a roll with a diversity of high-profile projects. shedding light on the agency's creative output is an upcoming exhibition at parco museum, one of two exhibition venues within the massive shibuya parco department store in tokyo. entitled m/m (paris) sugoroku de l'oie, the show opens fri - apr 3, and features a scenography that's inspired by traditional boardgames. on display is an extensive, curated selection of beautifully designed posters by m/m (paris). location: shibuya parco part 1, 15-1 udagawa-cho, 3rd floor [shibuya].

© m/m (paris) - cosmodrome [2001] - dominique gonzalez-foerster + j.j. johanson and françois curlet: crustinien des galapagos [2013]