tokyo: louis vuitton roppongi men's floor renewal

© louis vuitton - the louis vuitton flagship at roppongi hills

japan is the most significant foreign market for louis vuitton, and it's no surprise the luxury brand is well-anchored in tokyo's retail landscape. its store at roppongi hills - a massive upscale mall located in between the affluent districts of roppongi and azabu juban - is one of three flagship stores in the city, and as such an important brand showcase. compared to the louis vuitton flagships in ginza and on omotesando dori this store has a bigger share of male shoppers, and to keep this demographic mesmerized the men's floor was given an upgrade according to the brand's newest retail guidelines. the dominance of the building's glass façade has been toned down, and a more intimate retail environment emerged through the use of quite a lot of wood. to create a buzz for the new men's floor, louis vuitton's menswear designer kim jones flew in from paris to charm opening party guests. location: 6-12-3 roppongi [roppongi].

© louis vuitton - the renewed men's floor, creative director kim jones snuggles up to actor hiroki narimiya