tokyo: into the sun

© diesel japan / cleon peterson – glory [2013]

based in los angeles, artist cleon peterson is known for chaotic and violent paintings that symbolize a struggle between power and submission in today's volatile society. his dystopian vision is usually captured in monochromatic colours while they also channeling the sensibility of the early 1980s, complete with skinny ties and day glow colours. the artist graduated in fine arts and graphic design, and has had exhibitions at leading art venues across the planet, prior to landing his first exhibition in japan. the showcase is entitled into the sun, and opening at diesel art gallery in tokyo on fri – may 27. it presents a body of new work, including large-size paintings, all depicting an exploration of our new reality, a world where humanity is divided by war and chaos and where human values have broken down and been replaced by the ideology of war and revenge. indeed, not a very optimistic vision, but artistically it's certainly quite a sight to behold. location: cocoti building, 1-23-16-b1f shibuya [shibuya].

© diesel japan / cleon peterson – the shadows of night [2016]