tokyo: hermès éditeur - couleurs de l'ombre

© hiroshi sugimoto - the polaroid...

it was in 2008 that hermès first launched hermès éditeur, a highly exclusive series of limited-edition scarves in collaboration with a selected artist. for this new third series the french fashion house has sought the assistance of hiroshi sugimoto. the japanese photographer is known to be constantly exploring the resources of ancestral crafts in order to develop an inventive dialogue between history, traditions and a contemporary mode of expression, all very compatible with hermès’ own values. two years ago sugimoto worked on colours of shadow, an experimental project using a floor-to-ceiling prism that would allow sunlight to pass through and create various colours on the surrounding white walls. sugimoto further researched the light phenomenon and for more than a decade he has methodically taken polaroids of subtly varying gradations which were different every time. when pierre-alexis dumas, artistic director of hermès, viewed sugimoto's prism installation he instantly knew he had found the next artist for the hermès éditeur series, and the chromatic wonder is exactly what the japanese artist wanted to capture on an hermès silk scarf. interestingly, this specific work is inspired by the scientific experiments of newton and goethe who both extensively researched the origins of colour. after previous stop-overs in basel and brussels, the hotly anticipated exhibition of these polaroids and striking scarf interpretations has now arrived at the glitzy maison hermès flagship in tokyo [on through dec 31]. location: 5-4-1 ginza, 8th floor [ginza].

© hiroshi sugimoto - ...and the scarf