tokyo: hanami aoyama

hailing from hong kong, photographer keith ng currently divides his time between tokyo and new york. when he's not shooting the latest fashion styles, ng poetically documents life as he sees it. opening on tue - jan 29 at al gallery is ng's first solo exhibition in the japanese capital. called hanami aoyama, the show presents a series of photographs from his eponymous third book, and which is the final installment of a three-part series. this last series was shot between 2005-2012, and was one of the first projects that the photographe started when he began visiting tokyo. all three deal with identity in relation to its respective microcosm.  whereas the first editions respectively dealt with a small town's identity crisis and a personal sea-change, the hanami aoyama installment observes tokyo in the midst of celebrating hanami, one of japan's biggest annual rituals. the setting is aoyama cemetery, a highly popular place where tokyoites celebrate the event, and where they're caught in an unintentional performance which call into question the roles we assume daily, challenging our notions of freedom and identity. mind you, the exhibition's official opening party is held thu - jan 31 [6pm-8pm] in attendance of the photographer himself. location: 3-7-17 ebisu-minami [daikanyama].

© keith ng - tokyoites celebrating hanami at aoyama cemetery