tokyo: ginza six mall opening

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indeed, we've been going on and on about the abundance of alluring flagships and boutiques at ginza six, but we haven't yet talked about the luxury mall itself. a major urban redevelopment project similar to the upscale roppongi hills complex halfway across town, it isn't surprising that mori building co. is once again behind such a prestigious endeavour. the japanese property development firm teamed up with sumitomo corporation, another behemoth in corporate japan, and l catterton real estate, a luxury retail developer that's partly owned by the lvmh conglomerate, to further enhance the ginza area's stature as a luxury shopping destination.

the land of the rising sun may have been outranked by china in recent years as the region's biggest market for high-end goods, it very much remains top of the bill in terms of customer sophistication. but let's go back to ginza six mall, shall we? straddling an entire block on bustling chuo dori, the neighbourhood's main thoroughfare, it features a total of 47,000 sqm. [505,904 sq.ft.] of floor space, spread over six underground floors and 13 above-ground floors – mind you, floors seven through twelve are set as office space – and is built on the former site of matsuzakaya department store.

the structure has been designed by japanese architect yoshio taniguchi, who has given it a façade inspired by traditional japanese norenbut the mall's central atrium features a sophisticated interior design by french architect gwenael nicolas of tokyo-based practice curiosity. the design here is similarly inspired by local culture, but it's paired with futuristic architectural elements as well, creating a subtle balance. the asanoha or hemp leaf motif has been used for the ceiling of the atrium, and this is also reflected in the design of six faceted light sculptures. washi-inspired fabric covers the three-dimensional sculptural ceiling, and adds up to the splendour.

the atrium is further adorned by a pattern of spiralling lattice strips that provide the premises a dynamic edge. the intricate project has been pulled of with the assistance of artisans and artists, and to keep shoppers mesmerized by visual splendour, ginza six unsurprisingly appointed fumio nanjo, director of mori art museum, to create a rotating art programme, showing an inaugural installation of suspended dotted pumpkins by none other than yayoi kusama. the connection of ginza six to the lvmh conglomerate is evident as no less than ten of its luxury brands have opened up shop here, including dior, céline, loewe, kenzo and fendi. additional features of this super mall include an underground noh theatre and event hall, and a lush 4,000 sqm. [43,056 sq.ft.] rooftop garden. location: ginza six, 6-10-1 ginza [ginza].

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