tokyo: fujin raijin

© nanzuka / yuji honbori - fujin raijin zu [2013]

originally from kobe, yuji honbori graduated from the aichi prefectural university of fine arts + music with a degree in scultping. when establishing himself as an artist he simultaneously continued teaching youth headed for japan's many art colleges. honbori first stepped into the global limelight when his works were shown at the 2009 and 2011 editions of the kobe biennale, and at a solo exhibition in tokyo in 2010. he participated in these showcases with intricately crafted cardboard buddhas. the artist returns to the japanese capital for a show with newly crafted mythological creatures, and which opens at nanzuka gallery sat - oct 19 [6pm-8pm].

these buddhas are all made from used cardboard. the material has not been selected from an ecological point of view but rather aims to reference the element of metempsychosis in early buddhism. after he experienced the great hanshin earthquake that devastated large parts of his hometown in 1995, honbori began to hesitate using new materials and instead turned to cardboard. on display is a magnificent work entitled fujin raijin zu [picture of wind and thunder gods], based on the creatures depicted in a painting of 17th-century japanese painter sotatsu tawaraya. also on display are a series of small buddha sculptures. location: shibuya ibis building, 2-17-3-b1f shibuya [shibuya].

© nanzuka / yuji honbori - fujin raijin zu [2013]