tokyo: do androids dream of electric shrimp?

© diesel japan / ken kato - christian joy's edgy designs at diesel art gallery

christian joy is a new york-based fashion designer, and best known for the outrageous creations of yeah yeah yeah lead singer karen o. although joy has no formal training in fashion design, her specific streetsmart style has gained her a solid reputation that pretty much runs parallel to karen o's fame. the fashion designer is known to use found objects, glue and marker pens, crafting an edgy styule that's all her own. currently on at diesel art gallery in tokyo is do androids dream of electric shrimp?, an exhibition that displays examples of christian joy's progressive print designs and costumes from 2002-2012, including a new series of costumes that are exclusively exhibited here in tokyo, and video installations. mind you, a selection of the designer's art works plus limited edition bean bags, hand-made tees and posters can be snapped up at the gallery [on through aug 10]. location: cocoti building, 1-23-16-b1 shibuya [shibuya].

© diesel japan / ken kato - redefining colourful