tokyo: digit

© diesel japan / photography: kanta ushio - flexible walls increase interior design options

diesel is a brand that offers the complete lifestyle package, mainly through fashion but also through a compatible home collection. currently on at diesel art gallery is digit, a cool store installation created by beijing-based japanese architect yoshimasa tsutsumi. the concept of the installation is what it actually means 'to show things'? this simple question is what we need to ask ourselves in order to create a display of merchandise and a spatial installation at the same time. generally a room is surrounded by hard substances that we use to put either items on it, place against it, or hang from it. but if a wall were to be flexible wall, the plasticity would give an intriguing fourth option: burying those items in it. to create such a flexible wall tsutsumi created miniscule drawers made small and piled them in huge numbers. from a cost and time perspective he decided to use paper square pipes 40 x 40 mm in for the main body and 35 x 35 mm for the drawers. to fill the gap between drawers, the 40 x 40 mm pipes are fixed onto the front edges and the opening in those pipes are filled with cardboard in the front. a total of 10,000 sets of drawers have been used for the installation. obviously, it's been spiced up with designs from the diesel home collection [on through feb 17]. location: cocoti building, 1-23-16 shibuya [shibuya].

© diesel japan / photography: kanta ushio - yes, that's 10,000 miniscule drawers you're looking at