tokyo: dark lens

© diesel japan - exhibition setting

leading up to the biggest movie premiere of the year, diesel art gallery in tokyo warms up the crowds with an exhibition by paris-based photographer cédric delsaux. after studying literature and cinema, the frenchman gained recognition as a commercial photographer for his campaigns in advertising, and went on to reach global fame in 2012 with his sublime star wars-infused urban photo book dark lens. his fanbase obviously appreciates sci-fi, but also how delsaux selects ruins or undeveloped cityscapes that lack human warmth and soul, such as the disused sites on the edges of the french capital or the boomtown of dubai with its fast-paced urban construction. he then inserts characters amd props from the iconic movie to create surreal yet cunningly familiar imagery. as said, an eponymous exhibition of photographs from this book is currently held at diesel art gallery – mind you, it's the lensman's very first in the land of the rising sun – and presents 14 pieces, alongside a moving image piece [on through feb 11]. location: cocoti building, 1-23-16-b1 shibuya [shibuya].

© diesel japan / cédric delsaux