tokyo: cosmic travelers

if you're in tokyo, you may want to venture inside louis vuitton's prestigious flagship on bustling omotesando dori for something else than checking out its latest trophy bags. currently on at espace louis vuitton, the store's very own gallery space on the top floor, is the interesting group show cosmic travelers - toward the unknown. curated by midori nishizawa, the exhibition features a series of new works by five of japan's leading contemporary artists. each of these artists, explores ithe multitude of cosmic aspects through their respective creative processes. subjected to their vision of the world, oil, metal, paper, ink and video, become both a vehicle of their perception, as well as expression. participating artists are noriyuki haraguchi, ataru sato, tomoko shioyasu, masakatsu takagi and go watanabe [on through may 6]. location: 5-7-5 jingumae [harajuku].

© espace louis vuitton + jérémy souteyrat / noriyuki haraguchi - triad [2012]