tokyo: california design 1930-1965

© the eames foundation / charles eames - elephant [1945] - molded plywood 

designed by the late and great kisho kurokawa [1934-2007], the national art center in tokyo is a rather stunning piece of architecture that is home to tantalizing exhibitions with fresh perspectives and which double the fun of any visit. currently on is california design 1930-1965 - living in a modern way, the first major study ever held of modern california design. the show examines the sunshine state's key role in shaping the material culture of the united states at mid-century, displaying over 250 objects in wide-ranging media, including furniture, textiles, fashion, graphic and industrial design, ceramics, jewelry, metalwork, and architectural drawings, as well as film.

throughout most of the 20th century, california symbolized the good life in america. after 1945 a burgeoning and newly prosperous population - very much intoxicated by the power and opportunity to shop excessively after the deprivation of the great depression and the war time rationing of goods - turned the state into the nation's most important center for progressive architecture and furnishings. this show explores how the california of our imagination was translated into a material culture that pretty much defined a whole era [on through jun 3]. location: 7-22-2 roppongi [roppongi].

© the wamaco group, inc. / mary ann deweese - woman's swimsuit [1961] - spandex and lycra