tokyo: boyon boyon

built by italian starchitect renzo piano, maison hermès in ginza is the glittering flagship store and japan headquarters of french luxury brand hermès. opened in 2001 it set the current trend for signature megastores in the japanese capital and is an architectural extrapolation of the brand's high standards in creatiivity and innovation. as such the store's window displays very much reflect these core values and are oftem hailed for their exuberance and superior craftsmanship. currently on display is an installation of french artist le gentil garçon. called boyon boyon, it features frivolous and summer-infused scenes, inspired by the renowned surrealist works of belgian painter rené magritte, of suspended mannequins - obviously clad in the latest hermès fashions - that mimick acrobatic movements of trampoline jumping [on display through jul 17]. location: 5-4-19 ginza [ginza].

© hermès japon / photography: satoshi asakawa