tokyo: body loud!

© ryan mcginley – taylor (black & blue) [2012]

as one of today's leading visual chroniclers, ryan mcginley [1977] is quite an achiever – let's face it, who can boast having had a solo show at the whitney museum at the age of 25? – but then again, the new york city-based lensman is a gifted man. it's a mix of how he relates to those in front of the camera and the evocative way he manages to capture a unique mood, scenery and even zeitgeist at the very same time. opening sat – apr 16 at tokyo opera city art gallery is one of mcginley's biggest shows ever held this side of the pacific. entitled body loud!, the exhibition presents around 40 exemplary works from the eponymous road trip series, depicting once again a group of his circle of close friends. but this time, they're frolicking out and about in scenic landscapes, being captured in what seems true utopian bliss. location: 3-20-2 nishi-shinjuku [shinjuku].

© ryan mcginley  jacob (red blueberry) [2015] and ass (hands) [2013]