tokyo: birdhouse concept store opening

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a brand new emporium has bowed last month in the middle of tokyo's swanky aoyama shopping district. the store is tucked away on the second floor of a modern structure and is easily overlooked yet stocks an interesting assortment of goods from around the planet that should make you look out for it. called birdhouse, this self-proclaimed concept pop-up store aims to regularly tweak its decorum while offering a tightly curated selection of goods from around the planet. japanese architect takato tamagami created an intricate store interior of differently coloured wooden paneling that looks as if it's been inserted into the concrete shell. the paneling has been installed at a sloping angle and features various practical cut-outs that allow in daylight or create separate little store sections and counters.

birdhouse store director masaharu kawasaki has created a concept that caters to many aspects of life and sourced a matching collection of offerings, ranging from men's and women's fashion, shoes and accessories to homewares, stationery and magazines, and there's even a section that caters to those with a penchant for plants and gardening. the brand list features a variety of brands, including men's and women's apparel by aseedonclöud, asplund home accessories, ceramics by virebent, morris kitchen's artisanal condiments and scented candles by diptyque. birdhouse also aims to be a platform for artists and other creatives and will regularly stage exhibitions and other events. currently on is fumitake uchida's exhibition bird/sky/landscape that presents a series of bird paintings that have never been exhibited before [on through may 7]. location: blue cinq point, 5-3-22 minami aoyama, shop a3 [aoyama].

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