tokyo: biotop nurseries opening

© adam et ropé - biotop nurseries opens in shirokanedai

in a previous post we talked about japanese fashion retailer adam et ropé's total reinvention of its retail outpost of 20 years in shirokanedai, a leafy area of tokyo. now called biotop adam et ropé, it's a swanky lifestyle concept store with a decidedly green edge. the tweaking of the innovative retail formula seems ongoing as the ground floor, initially occupied by botanical fuga, an upmarket florist carrying exotic flowers and plants from across the planet, has now transformed into biotop nurseries, a section that fully caters to the many joys of upmarket gardening. biotop adam et ropé's creative director takashi kumagai and taichi saito of architectural plant firm solso have collaborated on a list of merchandise that should tempt shirokanedai denizens to start living the green life and drop by to shop for vintage gardening tools, matching gardening apparel, sundry goods, even books and botanical art, and last but certainly not least, an amazing range of plants that need some tlc. location: 4-6-44 shirokanedai [shirokanedai]. 

© adam et ropé - gardening as the pinnacle of a trophy lifestyle