tokyo: beautiful tokyo

© yukino ohmura - beautiful midnight, roppongi [2013] - stickers and acrylic on panel

yukino ohmura is a young tokyo-based artist who makes the most fascinating, intricately crafted cityscapes by simply using black paint and stacks and stacks of tiny coloured stickers from the stationery shop. ohmura graduated from tama art university's fine art department with a degree in painting and this clearly shows in the way she uses perspective and composition in her work. the artist will be having a solo exhibition at the gallery space of the valveat 81 boutique - mind you, it's one of the city's must-see multi-brand stores - in aoyama, opening there on thu - jan 23. however, the official opening party takes place one day later [4pm-8pm] in attendance of the artist herself. the beautiful tokyo show presents a number of ohmura's nocturnal tokyo city scapes [on through jan 26]. location: valveat 81, 4-21-26 minami aoyama, second floor [aoyama].

© yukino ohmura - beautiful midnight, shinjuku [2013] and beautiful midnight, yokohama [2013 - stickers and acrylic on panel