tokyo: andy warhol - 15 minutes eternal

© the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts, inc / andy warhol - self-portrait [1986]. 

after touring around asia the most comprehensive andy warhol retrospective ever held arrives at the mori art museum in tokyo for a festive occasion: the venue's 10th anniversary. warhol [1928-1987] gained an iconic status with his bold and emblematic work that so brilliantly reflects the age of american consumer society and mass culture. a gifted creative, his activities as a commercial designer, painter, filmmaker, and socialite crossed genre boundaries. another talent of warhol, and one which shouldn't be underestimated, was how well knew how to play the media for self-exposure purposes and turn himself into a commercial brand of sorts.

entitled andy warhol - 15 minutes eternal, the retrospective opens sat - feb 1 and presents nearly 700 works and archival items from the andy warhol foundation, right from the early beginning of his career as an artist to his final years. some of the works will be exhibited in japan for the very first time. as said, this is an elaborate showcase, featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, film + video screenings, and even the master's legendary new york studio the factory will be recreated. but that's not all, folks. from sat - mar 1 you can catch your breath at the andy warhol café, a space at the observation deck corridor on the 52nd floor fitted out with special warhol-inspired design and even having a ditto menu. location: mori art museum, 6-10-1 roppongi, 53rd floor [roppongi].

© the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts, inc / andy warhol - marilyn monroe [1967].